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** IRS Mandated Plan Restatement

Continued for 2015

The IRS will require all 401(k) and/or Profit Sharing plan sponsors to restate their plan document in its entirety to comply with a variety of law changes that have occurred over the past five years.  The fee for this restatement will be $1,000 and will include preparation of new Summary Plan Descriptions for all of your eligible employees.  If your plan was newly established in 2012 or after you will receive a discounted fee.


What is a qualified retirement plan?

  • A qualified retirement plan is recognized as one of the greatest tax shelters and benefits available to business owners/employers.
  • A qualified retirement plan is a formal trust arrangement established to provide tax shelter incentives to businesses that sponsor them while also adding to their employee benefits package.
  • Qualified retirement plans allow for the accumulation of large sums of retirement earnings on a pre-tax basis for both employees and business owners.
  • Qualified retirement plans can be designed to allow for large retirement benefits for the owner and employer.
  • An accurately designed and successfully managed qualified retirement plan will attain the business and retirement goals of the owner and employer.

Why sponsor a qualified retirement plan?

  • Owners and employers are allowed to take annual tax deductions on contributions to their qualified retirement plan.
  • Contributions on behalf of employees and employers remain tax deferred until it is distributed from a qualified retirement plan.
  • Earnings from investments also remain tax deferred until they are distributed from a qualified retirement plan.
  • Business owners and employers are given an avenue to provide retirement benefits to their employees that will help them attract and retain quality employees.
  • Properly designed distribution strategies can allow favorable income tax treatment on money that is distributed from the plan.


AFTAP Information

You may or may not be aware that the Pension Protection Act (PPA) of 2006 introduced a new acronym, AFTAP (Adjusted Funding Target Attainment Percentage) and certification requirements for your Defined Benefit Pension Plan

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IRS Restatement

Q. Do I have to restate my plan document?

Q. What if I don’t restate my document?

Q. When do I have to restate my document?

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Safe-Harbor 401(k)

Our most popular plan design because it is cost effective and flexible.

No discrimination testing is required so every eligible employee can defer the maximum amount set by the IRS each year.

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