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Retirement Plan Services

Bidwell Consulting Services was founded on the principles of delivering superior, flexible, and innovative retirement services.

The staff of BCS is recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for expertise in third-party administration, consulting, and compliance.

What is a qualified retirement plan?


    • Qualified retirement plans are formal trust arrangements established to provide tax advantages to businesses that sponsor them while also adding to their employee benefits package.
    • Qualified retirement plans allow for the accumulation of large sums of retirement benefits on a pre-tax basis for both employees and business owners.
    • Qualified retirement plans can be designed to allow for large retirement benefits for the owner and/or key employees.
    • An accurately designed and successfully managed qualified retirement plan will help attain the business and retirement goals of the owner and employer.

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    Why sponsor a qualified retirement plan?

    Our team of professionals possesses experience in shaping qualified retirement plans to advance our clients’ business and retirement potential.

    Owners and employers are allowed to take annual tax deductions on contributions to their qualified retirement plans.

    Contributions on behalf of employees and employers remain tax-deferred until they are distributed from a qualified retirement plan. 

    Earnings from investments also remain tax-deferred until they are distributed from a qualified retirement plan.

    Retirement plans will help business owners attract and retain quality employees.

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