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About Us

Bidwell Consulting Services, Inc. (“BCS”) was founded on the principles of delivering superior, flexible, and innovative retirement plan administration.

BCS specializes in Defined Benefit plans, 401(k) plans, and Information Technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. The staff of BCS is recognized locally, regionally and nationally for expertise in third party administration, consulting, and compliance.

Our team of professionals possesses over 90 years of experience in shaping qualified retirement plans and technology services to advance our clients’ business and retirement potential.

BCS provides retirement plan products and services that are innovative, flexible, and provide the maximum allowable benefits to our clients.

01. Guardians

We protect the interests of our clients.

02. Craftsmen

We are committed to being accurate, transparent, and fast – providing the right information to get the best results for ourselves and others.

03. Scholars

We are dedicated to life-long learning to fulfill our role as trusted consultants.

Proven Success

Leaders in retirement plan and design

Our consultants are leaders and pioneers in advanced qualified retirement plan design and compliance for Profit Sharing, 401(k) Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Pension Plans. As such, BCS offers a unique series of combination and state of the art qualified retirement plan designs. BCS has the knowledge and expertise to combine non-discrimination testing, recurring legislative changes, technology enhancements, and demographic data collection for the advancement of our clients’ retirement potential.

Years of combined experience

What We Do Best

Ongoing expert plan administration and consulting.

Plan design based on employer census and retirement plan goals.

Preparation of required IRS forms and notices including Summary Plan Descriptions, Safe Harbor Election Notices, and Summaries of Material Modifications.

Trust account reconciliation and valuation.

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