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Plan Administration and Reporting

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With over 70 years of combined experience, Bidwell Consulting Services, Inc. will provide accurate and high-quality retirement plan administration.

Plan Administration & Reporting

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Retirement plans must file certain forms and reports with the IRS and the Department of Labor and send out notices to plan participants and certain others. Different reporting and disclosure requirements apply depending on the type of plan and the plan’s circumstances.  BCS can navigate and prepare reports and filings for you.


Provision of expert Plan Administration and Operational Consulting.

Information Gathering

Preparation of employer Census and information gathering.

Non Discrimination Testing

Preparation of Employer Contribution calculations and non discrimination testing.

Administrative Compliance

Preparation of suggested allocation of contribution and any necessary corrections for administrative compliance.

Trust Accounts

Trust Account(s) reconciliation and valuation.

Account Summaries

Preparation of Employee account summaries indicating vesting and earnings.

Information Gathering

Preparation of Employee Account Certificates and Summary Annual Reports which conform to regulations.

Yearly IRS Forms

Preparation of yearly IRS Forms and Schedules necessary to report and file Plan and Trust administration and operation.


Preparation of termination and distribution calculations with accompanying forms and notices required by regulations.

Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting and preparation of IRS Form 1099 and 945 for plan distributions.


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Collecting the Data – The Annual Census

This is where we, with your help, collect the appropriate demographic information about your business. This must be done each year at the beginning of the administration process.

Complete the Accounting and Compliance Testing

This is where our highly skilled compliance staff analyze all of the activity that happened within the plan and ensure that it meets the compliance requirements to remain a qualified retirement plan.

Prepare the Certificates and file the Form 5500

BCS will take the completed information and file the Form 5500 for you and create the certificates for all of the participants in the retirement plan.

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